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Henden Inverter Heat Pump Selector

Find the right Inverter Heat Pump for your pool for the perfect pool temperature.

If the pool has an infinity edge or water feature, contact your local Reece Irrigation & Pools branch for assistance.

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Henden Inverter Heat Pump

Where are you located?

We need this information to compare against accurate weather data. For more information, read our Privacy Policy.

What’s the size of your pool?

Based on the average depth of 1.5 metres, we estimate your pool volume is 52 / 52,500L

How will the pool be used?

For Standard Operation (12hrs/day)

12 hour run time for heating efficiency and lower power consumption.

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For Solar Operation (8hrs/day)

Offset power consumption by operating when the sun is high. This maximises the free energy produced by your solar panels.

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*All results presented are a guide only.

How is this calculated?

We use the information you have provided, combined with climate and industry standards to calculate your heat pump requirements.

Want to learn more?

Get in touch with your local Reece Irrigation & Pools store.

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