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Bizzare Requests

1 April 2013

This month in the The Crack, we take a light-hearted look at a couple of requests and complaints that have been received from customers.

There have also been a number of bizarre requests closer to home. A caller rang a local Melbourne plumbing business recently and asked if they could ‘Recover an engagement ring from the sewerage treatment plant’, which she had dropped down the toilet two years ago. The customer was advised that it was very unlikely it would be found and after such a long period the treatment process would likely eat away at the metals of the ring.

Another business reported that a customer asked if a hot water unit they were interested in came already installed with the wall. Confused

as to what the customer was really meaning, the salesperson said ‘well we can’t exactly deliver the unit pre installed on a brick wall with all your piping coming out of it.’

The Customer then replied ‘ OK then. I will call someone who can’.

What has been the most bizarre request you have had from a customer? We would love to hear about it. Simply go to our Facebook page and tell us your story. It may feature in an upcoming issue of Outlet.

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