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dog toilet

It's a Dog's Life

1 June 2013

Public restrooms in China will no longer be limited to just pedestrians. As part of new civility laws to keep city streets clean, China has begun building bathrooms just for pets.

Launched as a trial in the Luohu District of the city of Shenzhen, the open-air pet restrooms are filled with sand and measure about 10 square feet in size. They are placed near parks and along sidewalks. About 80 public pet toilets have been installed so far, with as many as 1,000 more to follow.

The construction of the pet restrooms is all part of Shenzhen’s citywide civility laws, that came in to effect on March 1. The laws govern public behaviour and include fines for “uncivilised” practices, such as smoking in a non-smoking area and spitting.

Surprisingly, China is not the first country to install public pet restrooms. In 2010, Bogota, Colombia, installed round sandpits enclosed in cement so pets can do their business without the messy clean up. But that’s probably enough talking crap for this issue of Outlet.

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