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weve gone mobile reece

We've Gone Mobile

1 May 2013

More and more of our customers these days are using smart phones as a productivity tool for running their business. And it makes sense, because Smart phones offer an unrivalled level of convenience and flexibility for the busy plumber on the go.

So we thought what better way to help out our customers out than by creating a dedicated My Account mobile site.

Our new optimised site configures all your vital account information for the smartphone screen, making it really fast and simple to access. With a heap of handy features, it’s sure make life easier everyday - whether you’re on site, on the road or out of town.

Manage Your Account

Check your account balance and see when your most recent payments were made.

Product Pricing

Need a price on the run? They’re now all in your phone. You can even switch between your price and retail price.

Product Search

You have access to our entire product range, so you can search for exactly what you’re after.

Store finder

Our new mobile site allows you to quickly locate your nearest Reece branch when you’re out on the road.

We chose these core features because they represent the most used areas of My Account. Over time, we’ll continue to add more and more services to our mobile friendly format. We have also optimised other popular parts of our website, including Footy Tipping and the Hot Water Decisions Guide. You can read more about these in this issue of Outlet. So how do you get to the mobile site on your phone? Its easy. Go to www.reece.com. au/myaccount and login with your existing My Account username and password. If you’re new to my account, go to the regular Reece website and register for My Account first, then you’ll be ready to go.

For more information talk to your local Branch Manager

Tip the odds in your favour from anywhere

Tip the odds

We’ve all experienced it. After reading the sports section Friday morning, you confidently make your tip selections. Then later that night, while chating to the boys over a beer, you discover that four of your best players are late withdrawals. And the game is due to start in 5 minutes! Once upon a time, this scenario would have would have been a disaster. But not anymore. Using the Reece Footy Tipping site optimised for mobile, handling situations like this is now a breeze. You can make changes in seconds wherever you are. The optimised site allows you to place and alter tips, check your ladder position and view your seasonal performance. To check it out, visit www.reece.com.au/tipping on your smart phone and be sure to bookmark the page.

The decision is in your hands

Hot Water Decision Guide

Plumbers just love the Hot Water Decisions Guide on our website. It makes finding the right HWU really easy. It’s so popular in fact that it was one of the first things we decided to optimise for use on your smart phone. So now, when you out talking to a customer on site, you can walk them through the decision making steps on your phone or tablet to find the best unit for their needs.

With all the pictures and information you need at your fingertip, you’re guaranteed to look like a real pro Give it a go now by visiting www.reece.com.au/HWDG on your smartphone.

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