Aussie Dollar Drives Price Rises

1 September 2013

Recently we’ve seen dramatic reductions in the Australian dollar which has a huge impact on pricing.

As recently as April the Australian Dollar was trading at $1.03 (USD) and it’s currently trading at around $0.90 (USD) which is a 13% reduction. This means the cost of imports, fuel and freight have increased, which has impacted the entire industry.

So what does this mean? Unfortunately it means a number of our suppliers have increased their prices as a result. On October 1, customer pricing will increase by 4 - 10% across selected product ranges.

With a month until the price changes come into effect, take the opportunity to review the pricing on your upcoming projects and make adjustments where you can to ensure your profit isn’t impacted negatively. It’s much easier to have the conversation with your customers before the job starts rather than after it!

Of course we’re more than happy to have a chat if you have any questions, just drop into your local store. 

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