eu sets trend flurinated gases

The EU sets trend for flurinated gases (F-gas) phase out

22 April 2014

In a bid to quell the contribution to global warming by the use of F-gas and ozone depleting substances (ODS), the European Union parliament has recently passed unprecedented new regulations on their use. The new regulations have been largely welcomed by the industry and set an interesting precedent for the rest of the world, including us here in Australia, with the first restrictions on F-Gas use coming into effect earlier in the year.

The new regulations include:

  • Better containment of F-Gases in their applications

  • Recovery of F-Gases from products and equipment reaching the end of their life

  • Training and certification of technical personnel and companies working with these gases

  • Labelling of products and equipment containing these gases

  • Periodic checks of equipment

  • All measures must be taken to minimise leaks

If you’re not up to speed on F-gases, they’re pretty powerful greenhouse gases that trap heat in the atmosphere and contribute to global warming. ODS are gases which damage the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere. Common uses for ODS and F-gases include refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, aerosols, solvents, foam blowing agents, firefighting fluids and high voltage switchgear.

Both of these harmful gasses are slowly being phased out all over the globe, but this is a lengthy process as they’re often found in older equipment. The EU is the first in the world to put a mandated phase out date on their use – a positive step for the industry and the environment. 

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