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Earthmoving Equipment Goes Green

27 August 2014

The past few years have seen a change in attitudes and requirements when it comes to heavy earthmoving equipment. Apathy has given way to a new found environmental awareness, with many operators carefully considering their impact on the surrounding environment.

They don’t want ‘dirty’ equipment that chews through fuel at a staggering rate and pollutes the environment. As a result the demand for environmentally friendly, efficient and affordable heavy machinery continues to increase and many manufacturers of heavy machinery are working to develop equipment that specifically meets these green demands.

Hybrid powered cars have long been popular amongst those seeking a viable alternative to traditional fuel guzzling engines, and hybrid technology alternatives are starting to appear in the construction industry too. Known for their efficiency, low fuel consumption and the potential or increased productivity, many manufacturers are developing hybrid-powered offerings in order to remain competitive in an increasingly environmentally aware world. Hybrid equipment is becoming more and more popular in this sector, and is representative of years of innovation, research and development in the technology.

Manufacturers such as Hitachi are now recognising that 90% or more of [global] CO2 emissions are from hydraulic excavator products. This takes into account the energy expenditure in their manufacturing, transport, use and disposal as well as the fuel they consume when they’re actually on the job.

In response to this stark realisation, Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia) has announced the release of the first of its hybrid hydraulic excavators to the Australian market. The new Hybrid models Zh210-A and ZH210LC-A represent the start of a new generation of Hitachi excavators. Komatsu has also responded to the growing trend towards hybrid earthmoving equipment with its hydraulic excavator model, the HB215LC-1, incorporating regenerative braking, and demonstrating a mostly electrically based hybrid system. With the 35-tonne class excavator enjoying a large market in Australia, Komatsu Australia has recently announced the release of the HB335LC-1, a 35-tonne version of its award winning Hybrid excavator. Komatsu claims that this model will see fuel savings of up to 20 per cent.

It’s great to see manufacturers of this type of machinery creating solutions that minimize the equipment’s environmental footprint, and as a result, contributing to a greener construction industry.


To read more about developments in hybrid construction equipment visit constructionequipment.com.


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