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mr toilet

Meet Mr Toilet

1 February 2014

“When we are children, our parents tell us not to talk about shit.” So says Jack Sim (Mr Toilet), founder of the World Toilet Organisation.

Jack had been a successful businessman since the age of 24. Now in his 40s, he felt the need to give back to humanity. He left his business and embarked on a journey advocating for the rights and health of the vulnerable and poor worldwide.

What makes Jack interesting is that he spreads his message with a sense of humour. But just what is Jack’s message? Basically, that shit matters.

“Shit is like fire,” he says. “If you managed it properly, it cooks your meals. If you don’t manage it properly, it burns down your house.” In other words, human waste can be managed and used for fertilizer instead of letting unmanaged shit kill millions of people a year drinking from untreated water. The problem that Jack confronts is that, in many countries, people enjoy defecating outside where they can chat to their friends or feel the breeze on their rear.

Jack hopes to change this by making the toilet something everyone desires. “We want toilets to become a status symbol for the poor, so they feel proud to own a toilet.”

Read more about this interesting initiative at World Toilet.

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