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Discover Why My Account Outlet

Discover Why My Account Continues to be an Important Part of Your Business

29 July 2014

My Account Business Training

The power of focus and knowing your numbers

Running your own business can be highly rewarding, but it involves more than just being a good tradesman. Through the My Account portal you’ll find all the help you need through our Achieving Business Success Series which has a number of basic business training modules ready and waiting to teach you the ropes.


Managing the financial side of your business properly will play a really big part in your success, so it pays to get it right. And while getting the numbers right can be a tricky and often daunting prospect it doesn’t have to be. Through Module One – The Power of Focus and Knowing Your Numbers you’ll learn all you need to know about managing financials for your business, both now and to help you plan for the future.


This first module covers the following areas:

•          understanding profit and loss

•          how to calculate charge out rates

•          how to manage your cash flow

•          creating a business plan


Presented by industry insider Matthew Jones, the whole Achieving Business Success Series covers everything from basic accounting to how to build your brand, how to get the most out of your team and how to build a successful and sustainable business. It really is a fantastic and easy way to bolster your business knowledge or even scrub up on the areas where you’re feeling a little rusty.


To find out more, go to reece.com.au/myaccount


Statements and Invoice Search

Keep track of your cash flow

We all know that running a business can be tough work. But all that hard work can go down the proverbial toilet if you’re not keeping track of your cash flow.

Knowing what you owe and when you owe it will help you plan for the future of your business. This is where the Statements and Invoice Search function comes in handy.

These My Account features allow you to keep track of all your paperwork in one handy location – no more heavy folders and files to clutter up the van or the office.


Under the Statements function you can:

• download your statements for each month

• keep a record of all previous statements


Under the Invoice Search function you can:

• search for invoices past and present

• track your invoices to pay and review your payment history

• search for invoices by order number or job name


Statements and Invoice Search are just more examples of how My Account works for you 24/7.


Find out more at reece.com.au/myaccount

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