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Purmo: A Quality Heating Solution

29 July 2014

When it comes to hydronic heating, Purmo is the undisputed world leader, and their popular range of radiator panels is now available through Reece.


Founded in 1953 in the Finnish town of Purmo, the company started out as a bow saw manufacturer. They soon expanded into garden furniture, snow clearing equipment and farming tools and by the end of the 1950s the Purmo brand was well established. It was then that the company bought a small radiator manufacturer in the area with the Purmo radiator soon becoming a market leader.


The company was bought by the Rettig Group in the 1970s. The company’s name was changed to Rettig Vårme and the factory moved to Peders in Jacobstad where it is still based today, producing an astounding 900,000 units each year.


Rettig invested heavily in the modernisation and automation of the manufacturing process and in the 80s and 90s, further steel panel factories were established in Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, Germany and Poland with sales branching out to Russia, Denmark, Estonia and Latvia. Purmo radiators soon began to be exported to other European countries such as Romania and Hungary, as well as further abroad to Japan, China and now, Australia.


Today, Purmo prides itself on the quality and reliability of its products and this is what has made it one of the most trusted names in heating. Now manufactured in Poland, each Purmo radiator is built to the highest standards, undergoing stringent anti-corrosion and finishing treatments to ensure all products are extremely durable.


Purmo Radiator panels are not only an efficient and practical indoor heating solution, their innovative technology ensures that they will continue to be a sustainable solution well into the future.


And it’s not just the technology in the products that’s impressive. Purmo’s handy Radson SmartBox app helps you choose the right radiator for your unique needs. The app, available on iPhone and Android, includes full PDF brochures, calculates your chosen radiator’s heat output and, thanks to a handy camera function, even lets you see how a radiator panel will look once installed.


Want to warm up your clients’ homes with a Purmo this winter? Head to reece.com.au to find out more about the Purmo range of hydronic heating panels, or visit your local Reece Plumbing branch.

The SmartBox app can be downloaded via the links below for both Android and iOS:

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/purmo-radson-smartbox/id602369896?mt=8

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.purmo.smartbox

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