Australia leading the way on HVAC rating system

28 March 2014

Sustainability Victoria is currently overseeing the development of the world’s first HVAC rating tool to rank systems in terms of their energy efficiency.

Developed in collaboration with a number of leading industry bodies including the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Airconditioning and Heating (AIRAH), the Property Council of Australia, the Facilities Management Association of Australia, and the Airconditioning and Mechanical Contractors’ Association, the Calculating Cool Online HVAC Rating Tool will make use of both quantitative data and qualitative information covering the design, installation and operational phases of different HVAC systems to rank their overall performance.

Given that HVAC systems account for anywhere from 40 to 75 per cent of all energy consumed by buildings and often account for over 50 per cent of potential improvements in energy efficiency, AIRAH hopes the development of the world’s first HVAC rating criteria will profoundly impact market practises by creating a demand for best practise products.

The Calculating Cool HVAC Tool will be an easy-to-access online calculator that can be used to collect data, monitor long-term situations and compare collected data. The tool is currently in the development phase, with trials and public review to take place before the end of the year.

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