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sochi toilet

It's Just Loo Much - Sochi Toilets

1 March 2014

The Crack

A Sochi Olympic venue has put two toilets side by side in the same stall, sending social networks buzzing about the Games organisers’ extreme generosity with the facilities.

The image of the toilets in a men’s bathroom at the Olympic Biathlon Centre, originally tweeted by a BBC correspondent in Sochi, also showed only one roll of toilet paper positioned on only one side of the stall.

Officials played down the interest saying that management had wanted the toilets to be a storeroom, and that a correspondent had popped in just as the partition had been removed.

The Crack

Reuters photographer Alexander Demianchuk then took a photo of the same toilet, which in its new life as a store cupboard included chests of drawers rather than the now-infamous loos. But they forgot to take the toilet paper out!

To add to the hilarity of the situation, Canadian snowboarder Sebastien Toutant posted a photo on Twitter showing the “rules” of the men’s washroom as depicted by cartoon drawings: standing, squatting and lying down in the stalls are prohibited. So is bringing a fishing rod.

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