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The only app you need for all your CivilWorks™

28 March 2014

Mobile technology is changing the way we do business in many industries, including the civil contracting world. It’s making the services we provide to our customers more flexible and efficient.

So with this in mind the guys at On-Site Civil Solutions have developed CivilWorks™, an interactive, easy-to-use smartphone tool designed to perform all on-site mathematical calculations for your civil projects – water main, sewer pipeline and drainage construction calculations including jump up heights, civil volumes, grades, pipe laser conversions and much more. All calculations and results can be emailed at the touch of a button to your contacts for approval, ordering and confirmation.

The idea for CivilWorks™ arose after years of hands-on experience in civil construction and major land development projects.

“Frustrated with costly rework during our civil projects, we thought there had to be an easier way. The prevalence of mobile devices has allowed us to create CivilWorks™ and tackle rework in a proactive, streamlined way,” said On-Site Civil Solutions company director, Shane Dodd.

“The better calculations, communications and workflow that CivilWorks™ offers will help plumbing contractors be more competitive. In turn, this may improve their financial situations,” Dodd said.

As a result of six months of successful testing with civil contractors from Barwon Water Alliance and other Victorian contractors, the final version of CivilWorks™ will be ready for release in April 2014.

We can’t recommend this handy little app highly enough so if you’re a frontline worker or a site manager in a civil construction company, council, water or sewer authority do yourself a favour and download your free CivilWorks™ trial to your phone from the AppStore or Google Play store.


civil works app

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