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weathermatic smartline system

Weathermatic SmartLine System

28 March 2014

Getting smart about irrigation

Being smart about irrigation is a good idea, both for the environment and your back pocket. Up to 50 per cent of all water used is for watering landscapes with the average property owner over-watering by 38 per cent. The good news is that it’s also easy to be smart when it comes to irrigation thanks to new developments in irrigation technology.

The Weathermatic SmartLine system is the world’s leading weather-based controller and has been saving Australians water for more than three years. When teamed with the Weathermatic on-site weather station, the system gives you an unbeatable combination ready for any conditions the landscape might face. It takes daily weather readings and adjusts watering levels to suit changing weather conditions, helping you reduce your water usage and bills while keeping your landscape in peak condition.

Conventional irrigation controllers are simply timed, and rely on the user to determine how much and how often to irrigate, often resulting in applying excessive amounts of water. Plus, once programed they are rarely changed. Studies have shown that homeowners typically over-water their gardens by 20 to 50 per cent. Not only is this wasting a limited natural resource, it’s often not good for the plants. Over-watering injures plants and creates runoff that can lead to costly damage to paths and driveways. The Weathermatic SmartLine system factors in humidity, rainfall, heat and solar radiation. Based on these readings, SmartLine turns on the irrigation system for the correct amount of time to apply only what the landscape needs. SmartLine also takes into account the soil and particular kind of turf or landscape plants in place to further fine tune the requirement.

More than 250,000 Weathermatic SmartLine Controllers are saving vast amounts of water around the world. The SmartLine feature set exceeds that of most high-end controllers, yet was engineered to bring affordable ET-based water management to any site. To find out just how much water you could save try the online Weathermatic calculator today at reece.com.au/weathermatic

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