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Poly Electrofusion - Make Sure You Know What You're Doing!

1 May 2014

Poly Electrofusion is becoming increasingly popular amongst plumbers. With more and

more stakeholders insisting on accredited poly welders for their sites, you simply can’t afford not to be nationally accredited.

To make sure you’ve got the official skills you need to complete this type of work, we’ve teamed up with Polysmart to offer two nationally accredited Poly Welding training

courses for plumbers and civil contractors:

• Electrofusion weld polyethylene pipes

• Butt weld & electrofusion weld polyethylene pipes


These courses are an easy way to get up to speed with Poly Welding and the successful use of poly E/F fittings on the job. And once you’re all trained up, Reece Civil has got you covered for all your Poly Elecrofusion needs. A dedicated fleet of crane trucks means that we can deliver 12m lengths of pipe to site, along with any fittings, wipes, consumables, and even welding equipment if required.

See below for the mandatory requirements for practicing safe Poly Electrofusion:

  • Diameter tape (i.e. Pi tape) – to measure average diameter in the weld zone
  • Metal Ruler – to measure insertion depth
  • Calliper or metal rule to measure Pipe ovality
  • Pipe preparation and alignment equipment
  • Pipe cutting – appropriate pipe cutting device to ensure pipe squareness
  • Rotational Peeling tool – Capable of removing a continuous minimum of 0.2mm of material per pass
  • Deburring tool – tool to remove sharp edge of pipe
  • Rerounding clamps – clamps must ensure area in weld zone remains within roundness specification during the weld
  • Alcohol cleaning wipes – EF fitting manufacturer approved cleaning wipes for final surface cleaning
  • White ink permanent marker
  • Alignment clamps – clamps must be able to align the pipe and fitting to ensure there are no bending stresses on the assembly during the welding process.
  • Environment protection enclosures (e.g. tent or shade apparatus for protection against direct sunlight exposure and adverse weather conditions )
  • Power supply (generator calibrated and rated as per fitting supplier specification)
  • Electrofusion control unit in accordance with ISO 12176-2
  • Saddle fitting mounting tool (if using “top loading” saddles).

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