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Reece Not Only Works for You, But For Your Business

1 May 2014

We all know our trade back to front, but sometimes running a business can be daunting. To help combat these fears, Reece is now offering complimentary basic business training for all Reece account customers – how good is that!

Realising a gap in the market for practical business skills training for tradespeople, former plumber Matt Jones of Jones Consulting developed the course – but not before undertaking further business studies and a stint in the corporate world.

“As tradies we’re often caught up in the “job-in job-out” mentality and forget to think about what we should be doing to build a long-term sustainable business. Things like having a business plan, knowing how to make good business decisions, interpreting financials and identifying the systems and support you need to achieve your goals are skills that are integral to any business, including the trades,” says Matt.

This course is all about building the foundations for a successful business and giving participants the confidence to lead their business with clarity – and achieve growth off the back of good decision making, “it’s a great way to learn the ropes for those just starting out and for those with established businesses. It’ll help them to figure out what they should be implementing or changing now in order to achieve success,” he says.

And participants so far have been singing its praises, with the Business Forecaster tool proving to be one of the most helpful according to Brett from Queensland, “I am now using My Business Forecaster regularly. I have used the tools to work out whether I can afford new staff, (have put on an office staff member and will put on apprentice). I have also used the information to take to the bank.”

And for new business owner Jason from WA, the business planning aspects have really helped him to start his business on the right foot, “I have only been operating for eight months, but have made quite a few changes since the training. It was very helpful. I am now focusing on a niche market, not saying yes to every job, and marking up materials properly,” he says. 

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