dont compromise on pex

Don't Compromise on PEX

3 November 2014

PE-X is used everywhere these days. And when a product is going behind a wall and has to last the life of the building, you don’t want to compromise on quality. Recently we’ve seen a bunch of copycat PE-X products hit the market, but there’s no use risking your reputation on unproven products. Don’t compromise on quality – it’s just not worth it.

We are committed to offering the peace of mind our customers deserve by only stocking the very best and most trusted PE-X brands, like Auspex, Rehau and SharkBite. With innovation and the ability to respond to the ever-changing needs of the market at the core of their success, you can also rest assured you’ll have all the support you need from these PE-X piping leaders.

Along with a 25 year warranty, you can take comfort in knowing that Auspex, Rehau and SharkBite will have you covered for any job. Read more about our leading PE-X piping solutions below:


The story:

Created by father and son duo, John and Glenn Bines, Auspex is Australian made for Australian conditions. Auspex has been the trusted name in PE-X crimp systems for more than 15 years and continues to set the quality standard that others follow. So when the job has to be done right, you can rely on Auspex.

The facts:

  • No.1 crimp system
  • Quick, easy to use and super reliable
  • Tested to comply with AS2537
  • Extensive range of fittings and PE-X pipe
  • Large range of adaptors for other systems


The story:

German precision engineered, REHAU is one of the industry’s most respected manufacturers for more than 50 years. REHAU are the global leader in PE-X compression systems, with an absolute commitment to offering plumbers the highest quality piping systems.

The facts:

  • No.1 compression system
  • Secure and robust for outstanding quality
  • An easy-to-use PE-X system that’s built to last
  • Excellent lifecycle costs
  • Extensive range of fittings and PE-X piping options



The story:

Through ongoing innovation, SharkBite has created a proven system that combines durability, safety and performance. Locally manufactured in Australia, every fitting is simple to install with an innovative push-fit connection. When every minute counts, you can count on SharkBite.

The facts:

  • No.1 pushfit system
  • Approved for behind walls and in ground
  • Engineered for durability, safety and performance
  • Emergency repairs are fast and easy
  • No soldering, clamps, unions or glue required

Fittings use solid forged brass bodies for strength and performance.

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