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The Reece Spring Lookbook: An Extra Tool in Your Kit

27 October 2014

With so many products on offer to bathroom renovators, choosing between mixers and tap sets, cisterns and pans and vanities and cabinets can be a tough decision for your customers.

So let us help you become your customers’ bathroom hero by adding an extra tool in your kit. The Reece online Spring Bathroom Lookbook, our new digital magazine, is filled with pages of bathroom tips and design creativity. Inspire your customers with 7 steps to bathroom happiness, the latest spring trends, easy update ideas, mini makeover inspiration, bathrooms we love and a spotlight on the powder room.

Give your business a professional edge and help your customers make the hard choices about products, fixtures and fittings. Reach into your virtual toolkit for the online Spring Bathroom Lookbook at reece.com.au/spring - your customers will forever see you as their bathroom hero. 

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