6 Stars So What

6 Stars, So What?

25 September 2014

The growing importance of energy efficiency has us all talking about ‘stars’. However, while we may all be familiar with the term we rarely consider what the star ratings mean and how they are calculated.

Star ratings were developed to provide Australian consumers with a simple way to compare the energy efficiency of different appliances on the market. In this system, energy efficiency is defined as the ‘energy service per unit of energy consumption’. It is a simple and fair way of comparing the energy consumption of products that perform a similar task. Having a universal measure of energy efficiency means that you can directly compare a greater range of products.

For most products, the standard star rating system has a minimum of 1 star up to a maximum of 6. Because 6 star products, such as water heaters deliver improved energy efficiency it also means they’re good for the hip pocket and the environment. When it comes to water heaters, as a rule of thumb, the ‘average’ home will reduce their gas consumption by approximately 2,000 MJ or around $30 - $40 per year (for every one star increase in efficiency), depending on the state and tariff.

To find out more about energy efficient star ratings, speak to your local Reece store.

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