Power Pot: Useful or Useless?

26 September 2014

We love a useless gadget here at Outlet. And at first glance this one seems pretty useless to us –meet Power Pot. The Power Pot combines the benefits of a lightweight cooking pot and a portable USB charger.

Originally marketed towards diehard camping fans, Power Pot produces roughly 5 watts of electricity which can be used to power any adventure while heating up a meal on a backpacking stove or sitting around the campfire. Purchasers can keep their phone juiced up during a power outage or while travelling off-grid.


In a twist of the useless suddenly becoming useful, the creators of Power Pot are now in touch with Non-Government Organisations in developing companies such as Uganda with the idea that this nifty invention can be used to make hot water and run lighting…maybe not so useless after all.

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