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Reece Products Included in BIM-MEP(AUS) Initiative

1 September 2014

Integration of mechanical, electrical and plumbing services (MEP) in new buildings has long been a time consuming and costly design process. Often it is not until the construction and installation phase of a project where issues are discovered, requiring further redesign and amendments on the fly.

Building information modelling (BIM) was created to improve MEP Design by providing a 3D view of the design, allowing any issues to be discovered at the design phase of a project. BIM provides a computable building model, holistic design and parametric change management of the MEP design.

Backed by some key building industry players, the BIM-MEPAUS (Building Information Modelling – Mechanical Electrical Pluming – Australia) is an initiative put in place to help develop best practice building information modelling, supporting integrated project delivery.

The key objective of this initiative is to drive the transition of the mainstream construction sector towards adopting whole-of-life standards, protocols, models and workflows that define building services activities and integrated project delivery tailored to Australian requirements.

The BIM-MEPAUS program models a building from cradle to grave integrating all mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems and as a result making it easier to understand the full building life cycle.

As an avid supporter of leading industry programs and initiatives, Reece is proud to have parts, valves and fittings from Conex, Dura and CTS Flanges accessible through the BIM-MEPAUS interface.

We all know how tricky it can be managing the MEP requirements for multiple projects so one of the great benefits of having access to our products through BIM-MEPAUS is the ability to generate an order directly into the Reece system, saving you time that would otherwise be spent placing orders.

Check out the below videos to see how our products can be used within 3D design modeling software. Or to find out more about BIM-MEPAUS head to thinkbimmepaus.com.au


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