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Reinventing the water heater

Reinventing the Water Heater

22 September 2014

We’re the first to admit that water heaters aren’t exactly a glam consumer product but they’re absolutely necessary for comfortable living. One clever little heater is using recent leaps in technology to combat a problem we all know too well - turning the water on and having to wait for it to heat up. An epic waste of precious water and time.

ISI’s Heatworks Model 1 is the world’s first digital water heater which uses ISI technology to directly energise water molecules instead of using a traditional heating element rod. In other words this appliance is designed to use water’s natural resistance to heat itself.

Graphite electrodes rather than a traditional convective heating element are installed in an efficient, tankless water heater. Existing tankless water heaters are generally more efficient than water heaters with tanks because only the required water is heated. The acoustically quiet graphite electrodes in the Heatworks tank produce around eight litres of hot water per minute and tanks can be installed in a series for greater capacity. A WiFi module is planned for the future that will enable remote measurement and control of power and temperature.

To find out more about the ISI Heatworks Model 1, visit Tech Crunch.

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