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Valve training goes mobile

Valve Training Goes Mobile

26 September 2014

Located throughout the community to guarantee the safe delivery of hot water, thermostatic mixing valves (TMV) are an essential component of many commercial hot water delivery systems, and are a requirement for all public buildings. Specific expertise in the installation and maintenance of thermostatic mixing valves is a necessity for plumbers working in these environments and the clever people at the Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre (PICAC) have come up with a pretty innovative TMV training solution.

As part of PICAC’s strategy to bring training to the plumber, they’ve developed a number of mobile training units, which can be transported directly to site anywhere in Australia enabling technical, hands on tuition to be administered, including training in the installation and maintenance of TMVs.

According to PICAC’s Operations Manager Greg Tink, it’s a combination of mobility and state of the art equipment that really sets these training units apart.

“Not only can we deliver training to plumbers wherever they need it, they can also rest assured they’re being trained on the latest and greatest in plumbing technology. Each mobile unit is fitted with state of the art fixtures and fittings, meaning plumbers can walk away knowing their training and qualifications will equip them to meet the changing demands of the industry.”

Valued at around $25,000, the mobile TMV unit comprises a self-contained hot water plumbing system, incorporating over 25 different types of TMV valves and associated pipework. The specialty TMV course is run by the Master Plumbers over two days at PICAC using PICAC’s mobile trolleys. The course includes both a theory and practical element where plumbers walk away with a nationally recognised qualification.

To find out more about PICAC’s mobile training units or about their extensive training program head to picac.vic.edu.au

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