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With Airpnp, urine good hands

24 April 2015

Ever been caught out in the wrong part of town, or even a foreign city, and been busting for the bathroom? Airpnp to the rescue!

Operating in a similar crowd-sharing method to the famed Airbnb hospitality app, Airpnp by Leak Easy is a handy mobile app that gives you access to a restroom close by – no matter where in the world you are.

“Whether you’re just out and about, at a big event, or need to find a place to go in a new city, we’ve got you covered”, is Airpnp’s promise.

Like its namesake, Airpnp maps your location before listing toilets nearby. Listings include short messages, catchy headings and pricing per visit.

Airpnp has already received a mixture of rave – and brave – reviews. BuzzFeed news reporter, Joseph Bernstein, spent a day testing out the app around New York. He writes: “In about four-and-a-half hours I had paid US$6 for two urinations, two good conversations, some unconventional hospitality, knowledge of what has to be one of the best rotisserie chicken spots [in the neighbourhood], and a nice little self-guided surface street tour of the Brooklyn-Queens border.”

The Airpnp team is committed to saving its patrons from those white-knuckle moments. In a recent blog post, co-founder Max Gaudin introduced a new team member: “[Brian] is now officially our PTO (Pee Technology Officer) who has done a bunch of technological plumbing to help us reach our mission of providing clean, comfortable bathrooms to everyone.”

In the words of Airpnp, urine good hands! To find a loo near you, visit their website and download the app. 

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