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The beauty of innovation hero

The beauty of innovation

31 August 2015

Roca has revolutionised the toilet suite with two new designs set to change the bathroom landscape as we know it. A cornerstone of the bathroom that has remained relatively unchanged for decades, Roca has injected the humble toilet with new technology that is setting the standard for the bathroom of the future.

When customers think about their bathrooms, the toilet is usually not at the top of their list in terms of aesthetics and innovation. But what if you could offer them a toilet that is design-led, technologically advanced, easy to install, more hygienic and may even reduce their scrubbing time?

Well, now you can. Toilet technology has reached its pinnacle, with leading European bathroom brand Roca introducing two new toilets – both world-firsts for residential use – that are revolutionising our bathroom experience. Introducing the Meridian In-Tank and The Gap Rimless toilet suites – the latest in breakthrough toilet innovations that are making our homes smarter, our bathrooms cleaner and our lives easier.

You’re no doubt familiar with a toilet with an in-wall cistern, but what about a toilet that incorporates every element into the pan? The Meridian In-Tank is a ground-breaking all-in-one solution that integrates the cistern and button into the pan – that means easier installation for the plumber and a smoother process for the customer. Unlike traditional in-wall toilet designs, the Meridian In-Tank can be installed on solid brick wall and is a great space-saving option for small bathrooms.

Next, enter The Gap Rimless, set to become the future standard in toilet suites as seen at the ISH Bathroom Fair earlier this year. The ultimate in cleanliness and hygiene, the innovative rimless pan flushes from a single point, allowing for a continuous surface free of edged angles, grooves or gaps. The unique design allows water to circulate along the inner perimeter of the pan, flowing smoothly from the upper perimeter and moving in a circular motion toward the lower outlet. This means dirt is quickly removed rather than building up – so it’s more hygienic and easier to clean.

So next time you’re talking toilets with your customers, make technology, hygiene, design and ease of installation part of the conversation. They’ll thank you for it.

Check out the latest in toilet innovation at your local Reece Bathroom store.

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