Winter Pool = Summer Cool

3 August 2015

The days are getting longer, the warmer weather is on its way, and though it may be difficult to see past the winter haze, before we know it, we’ll be pulling out our bathers and jumping into the pool.

According to the Swimming Pool & Spa Alliance of Australia (SPASA), Australia has the highest pool ownership per capita in the world. That means come summer (or even spring), there will be plenty of splashing around in the backyard – complete with a beer and a barbie for good measure. So if your pool is looking somewhat grim after the winter hibernation, now is a great time to start the spring pool clean early.

Starting early means less time on maintenance later, and more time on making the most of the pool in summer.

Free pool testing

While a pool may look sparkling clean, the reality is clear water doesn’t mean clean water. Untreated pools can cause real harm, with nasty bugs and bacteria posing serious health risks.
Reece Irrigation and selected Plumbing stores provide free pool water testing – just grab a sample bottle from any of our pool stores, fill it up and drop it back for a free, complete water analysis. Once the test is complete, we’ll provide you with an easy to understand report along with a tailored product prescription and maintenance plan.


We offer a range of products to assist with keeping your pool looking its best, including chemicals, pumps, filters, chlorinators, cleaners, cleaning accessories and heaters. Our branches stock a wide range of products from leading brands including AstralPool, Waterco, Pentair, Davey and Zodiac. It couldn’t be easier - if you work with pools or have a pool of your own, your Reece account can be used to purchase everything you need.

It’s time to pull back that pool cover and get your pool ready in time for summer. Ask in store how we can help you get your pool looking its best.

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