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Google keeps data super cool hero

Google Keeps Its Data Super Cool

16 February 2015

Despite being the world’s largest search engine, Google really knows how to keep a secret. The company is highly secretive about the location, size and operation of its data centres, which are basically the brains behind its operations.

In recent years Google has fed international curiosity with photographic tours through their data centres, and the UK’s The Telegraph has confirmed that Google’s fibre optic networks connecting sites run more than 200,000 times faster than a typical home internet connection. Their data centres must be working overtime!

One thing Google will happily reveal is its “free cooling” approach to cooling its data centres, so that all those computers continue to run smoothly. Google claims its data centres are among the most efficient in the world, with Google reducing its “overhead” energy to just 12 per cent.

Google’s Hamina, Finland data centre, for example, is the first of its kind, sporting a high-tech cooling system that uses its site’s unique characteristics to reduce energy usage. Rather than using compressors or refrigerant-based cooling, the Finland data centre pumps raw seawater from the nearby Gulf of Finland and runs it through heat exchangers. Google then uses direct exchange through those heat exchangers to cool the server load heat.

A special “tempering building” mixes the heated seawater with fresh seawater, cooling the water to a temperature similar to its inlet temperature. The cooled water is then released back into the Gulf, for minimal environmental impact.

It’s an impressive cooling operation for a single data centre and one that ensures Google’s customers’ data demands are effortlessly met, every single day.

To read more about Google’s super cool data centres visit Strategic Data Centre.

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