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On a (Von)Roll

2 February 2015

The availability of water is a primary human need, and today, the importance of the security of our water, sewage and gas supply goes without saying.

For the operation of piping systems in the water, sewage and gas supply area, reliable systems solutions with a long service life are vital to ensure the highest level of dependability and investment security. That’s where vonRoll comes in.

With a 200-year history of Swiss quality, vonRoll leads the way in complete piping systems in ductile castiron. With its foundry being opened in 1843, vonRoll first started producing pipes in grey iron – their main focus throughout the first two decades of production. In 1925, they pioneered centrifugation in Europe. Over the next six decades, vonRoll continued to innovate in piping, with the help of a cupola furnace melting device installed in 1984 and a polyurethane coating ecopur in 1990.

Certificates in Quality Management and Environment Management in 1995 and 1998 further cemented vonRoll as a leader in its field, with the next decade seeing new developments in double-chamber pipes, restrained joint, hydrant hytec and electric mobility.

A rich history of quality has brought with it technological advancements for vonRoll. They have industrially produced polyurethane lined ductile iron pipes since 1972, which have been introduced as a modern material to meet advanced requirements of international customer demand. Its advantages make it a versatile conduct material fit for use in drinking water mains, sewage systems and low-pressure gas distribution networks.

Today, with production plants in multiple locations across Switzerland, vonRoll hydro (suisse) ltd are a credible and well-known global brand, developing, manufacturing and selling a modular, perfectly matched system of components that meets all the needs of municipal water and gas suppliers.

Innovative, safe, hygienic and high performing water supply systems with an extremely long service life mean you’ll never have to revisit a pipe for a lifetime. Now that’s worth the investment.

Reece is now the exclusive Australian distributor of vonRoll ecopur, ducpur and geopur pipes & fittings. For further product information, visit http://www.reece.com.au/civil

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