Find great staff, then keep them.

22 July 2015

Finding good staff is always a challenge but when the economy is strong, it can be even more difficult to get the right employees on board.

Australia’s construction industry is expected to grow by 8% over the next few years*, which means that skilled trade workers are certain to be some of the hardest staff to find.

A recent report by the Department of Employment predicts major skill shortages across a raft of key trades. The department’s data shows employers of key trades including electricians, cabinet-makers, plasterers and plumbers will face shortages or recruitment difficulties. With this in mind, here are some tips on how to find and keep great staff.

Word of Mouth
Asking around within the industry is an effective, low cost option. Word of Mouth references from trusted sources are an ideal way to find reliable and hard working tradies.

Training Bodies and Associations
Contact key training bodies likes PICAC or TAFEs. Some of these entities may also have work placements and experience opportunities and they can give you an idea of the person’s work ethic before you hire.

Employment Agencies
You can always engage an employment agency that specialises in trades. These organisations have the experience in providing the best match for your business, but keep in mind this can be costly.

If it suits your business, bringing on apprentices is a great way to nurture and grow loyal staff to fit your business.

Of course, once you’ve found them, you have to keep them! So here are a few ideas to improve staff retention.

Reward hard work
A simple ‘thanks’ can go a long way and really show your appreciation to staff when they have worked hard on a particular job.

Mix old with new
If your company is big enough, include different generations on teams to get a better perspective on solving a problem. A good idea can come from anywhere!

Empower your team
Expose staff to different aspects of your business so they understand the bigger picture and take ownership of day-to-day issues and built trust within the team. And to make good decisions, they need all the facts.

Offer further training
Help your staff to learn new skills in key areas of interest and provide career advancement opportunities.

So get to working on hiring the retaining the right employees today. 



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