Handy apps for handy work

31 July 2015

Paperwork. It’s a word that makes most tradies cringe. After a long, hectic day at on the job, the last thing you want to do is get down to the nitty gritty of numbers, admin and planning.

But here’s the good news. There’s an app for almost everything these days, and many of these are for tradies. Half the headache is sifting through the apps to separate the good ones from the bad, so we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. 

Here are the best-in-field apps and software to help you run your business more efficiently, with less paperwork and less headaches!


Business management
For those who want a business plan but don’t know where to begin, StarPad is a good first step. It’s an all-in-one management tool that guides you through the process of building a business plan. Once built, you can easily share the plan with your staff and monitor their progress. StarPad was named one of Forbes’ top 10 business apps in 2013 and is available on iPad, desktop or laptop – and it’s free! 

Traffic updates
For tradies who spend much of their time on the road, the Snarl app is a must-have. The free app lets you view the traffic situation in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland in real-time. It’s also linked to traffic cameras, so you can view congested areas and plan the quickest route to a job. Snarl is available on iPhone and Android.

Find nearby amenities
If you regularly find yourself in unfamiliar locations, Tradies Mate is a useful addition to your toolbox. Tradies Mate identifies your position using a GPS-integrated search system to find services you need, such as building suppliers, equipment hire, service stations and medical centres. It even has a ‘smoko’ section that locates the nearest food and coffee places. The app is available for $1.29 on iPhone.

Job management
Keep track of what’s happening in your business in real-time with GeoOp, a free job dispatch and mobile workforce management system. The program allows you to see how many jobs are in progress or on hold, monitor where your staff are located, and the work they’re carrying out. GeoOp also takes care of job reports, timesheets, scheduling jobs and electronic signatures. Get it on Apple and Android devices. 

And if it’s still too hard…
Go for TradiePad. TradiePad isn’t an app - it’s a service that provides you with the hardware (for iPad, iPhone or Android) which is pre-loaded with tools that allow you to run your business completely from the road, paper-free. The TradiePad team personalise your hardware to suit your business needs and train you and your staff on how to use everything within a couple of hours.

So let one of the above tools be your right hand man – it means you can do what you do best, and let an app do the rest.

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