Tweeting from the toilet

29 June 2015

Taking our phone into the toilet is something we’ve all done at some time or another. But what about Facebooking, Tweeting and chatting while we’re chilling on the loo – totally cool, or is that over-sharing?

A recent survey by Sensis has revealed that many of us are logging on to our top social networks while we’re sitting on the throne. Sensis results show 6% of its respondents use social networks while on the toilet, 7% in the bathroom, and a whopping 44% log on while they’re in bed.

Thankfully, 76% of people are doing it by smartphone – clearly the most popular way to access social networks, meaning laptops are no longer getting a workout in every room in the house.

Of all the social networks, Facebook is a clear favourite, with Aussie Facebook users spending more than seven hours on the site every week! Even more telling is the fact that social media users are using their smartphones to share information in unexpected locations – like the lavatory.

One thing’s for sure, if you’re posting from the can, turn your location settings off.

Australian social network users at a glance

  • 65% online Aussies use social networks
  • 45% log on daily
  • 17% log on 5+ times a day
  • 6% log on from the loo
  • 76% log on with a smartphone
  • 34% log on at work


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