A book so good you could drink it.

5 May 2015

On 22 March we celebrated World Water Day, a day in which the world is encouraged to think about and recognise the integral role water plays in everyday life. This day also serves as an important reminder that there are a staggering 1 billion people who don’t have access to safe water.

So in honour of World Water Day, we thought we’d highlight some of the safe water inventions that are using technology and science to save lives and transform communities across the globe. First up we take a look at The Drinkable Book.

You may just want to tear a leaf out of this particular book! WATERisLIFE, an organisation devoted to providing clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene education programs to schools and villages, recently released The Drinkable Book. This unique printed edition is not only an educational read but has the ability to provide someone with clean drinking water for up to four years.

This is how it works. Chemist Dr. Theresa Dankovich of Carnegie Mellon is the bright mind behind a technically advanced filter paper capable of killing waterborne diseases. This new type of paper, which costs only pennies to produce, works like a scientific coffee filter. Each piece of paper is coated with silver nanoparticles that have the power to kill diseases like cholera, typhoid and more.

The Drinkable Book is literally a volume of filter papers, allowing you to tear a leaf from the binding and, using a custom filter box, receive up to 30 days of clean water. Printed on the pages are safe water tips, teaching methods and ways of sharing the message around clean, drinkable water for communities worldwide.

The Drinkable Book stands as an inspiring example of the clean water initiatives being invented and making a difference to those in desperate need.

Because of the low cost of producing the filter paper, WATERisLIFE claims that the book is one of the cheapest water-sanitising options on the market. Click here to view a video about how The Drinkable Book works.

Are you feeling inspired by this story? Then stay tuned for the announcement of the recipient of the 2015 Reece Grant which awards $15,000 to clean water and sanitation projects in Australia or abroad.

For more information, visit The Reece Grant website.

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