Australia’s first-ever Smart Irrigation Month announced for November 2015

27 October 2015

With El Niño heating up the continent now is the time to start saving water and get your customers on board with some smart time and cost-efficient solutions.

Australians are the biggest water users per capita on the planet – a pretty confronting statistic given we live on the driest populated content on earth.

That’s why Reece Irrigation is on a mission to help Australians turn over a new leaf, announcing November 2015 as the inaugural Smart Irrigation Month.

Smart Irrigation Month is all about creating awareness about water wastage outdoors, and encouraging Australians to practice efficient water use by being smarter when watering gardens or lawns.

Using water efficient products and practices to suit the ever-changing requirements of the landscape is key. By delivering just the right amount of water at the right time, Smart Irrigation eliminates water waste, reduces costs and ultimately creates healthier landscapes.

Thriving landscapes not only have many environmental benefits such as cleaner air, they can increase the value of your property, improve productivity and local trade and have a positive effect on health and wellbeing including happier children.

By positioning yourself as a Smart Irrigation expert, you can take your business to the next level and look to the future with confidence.

Read on or visit for advice on smart irrigation, landscape irrigation planning and more.

Landscapes are good for our health and productivity, keep our cities cool and reduce pollution. It’s important to educate your customers about the value of landscaping and irrigation.

Did you know a leaky sprinkler can waste up to 42,000 litres of water per month?

Landscape irrigation planning

Good design can reduce water waste and cut your customers’ costs.

Reece Irrigation takes the hard work out of landscape irrigation with a professional design service that helps you plan your customer’s site.

From system design through to installation, we use the latest design packages, including AutoCAD and IrriCAD to prepare detailed construction drawings, installation schematics and written technical product specifications.

Working with us you can quickly determine the best design and the right products for maximum water efficiency.

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Smart Irrigation starts with you

Now is the time to start saving water and encouraging your customers to get on board. Start with these simple, sharable water-saving tips.

1. Install a Smart Irrigation system – designed to deliver water savings of 30% – 50% for the typical residential garden.


Enki Dripline allows for accurate control of water directly to soil above a plant’s root zone. Requires only low pressures to operate with a large flow path design to reduce clogging.

Pop-Up Spray Nozzle

The Weathermatic Pressure Regulating stem (PRS) pop-up maintains nozzle pressure at the optimum of 210 kPa. Greatly improves efficiency and evenness of water distribution on the landscape.

Automatic Smart Controller and Weather Station

The Smart Controller can be programed with information on location,  eather, soil, plant and sprinkler type. Using data from the weather station, it automatically establishes watering duration and frequency of each garden and lawn area.

2. Water early - watering the garden and lawn in the morning reduces water loss and evaporation. Watering in windy conditions will turn your spray into thin air.

3. Plant tough, drought-tolerant plants - this means less watering and a healthier garden all year round.

Smart Irrigation Month

Get involved with these top activities

During November, Reece will be running a series of promotions and events to highlight the latest products and technologies designed to offer smarter water and landscape management.

Beautifully Smart Gardens Competition

Reece account customers can go in the running to win $2,000 cash simply by entering this competition. All you need to do is submit photos of a beautiful garden that you’ve created and tell us about the smart irrigation methods that you’ve incorporated. Competition opens 1 Nov 2015 and ends 30 Nov 2015.

Find out more at

Smart Irrigation Barbecue

Pop by your local Reece Irrigation store on 5 November 2015 and snag a sausage at Reece’s Smart Irrigation Barbecue. Contact your branch manager for more information.

Smart Irrigator Packs

If you want to grow your business, it’s time to start encouraging your customers to take advantage of Smart Irrigation. Designed to help you promote its benefits to your customers, our free Smart Irrigator Pack includes:

  • Custom printed brochures with your business details
  • Onsite checklist to assess irrigation requirements
  • Irrigation solution proposal
  • Smart Irrigation bumper sticker
  • Smart Irrigation t-shirt

Request your free Smart Irrigator Pack in store today!

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