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27 October 2015

If you’re in need of an efficient and durable air con unit that is small as well as tough, go for a Hitachi Inverter Split System. With coil anti corrosion treatment it’s great for long lasting outdoor use. Its ‘Full Flat’ design is efficient and ultra-quiet because the intelligent, compact panel draws air through the top of the unit and diagonally across the heat exchanger, covering a wider area in near silence.

The Power Active Module (PAM) Inverter system minimises power losses and ensures an efficient performance even when the temperature drops to -15°C.

  • Quiet operation from the ultra-low fan speed for night time operation
  • Compact indoor unit for that smaller space
  • Nano-Titanium Air Purifying Filter
  • Clean air from the washable antibacterial filter
  • Easy to use controller
  • Long lasting with outdoor coil anti corrosion treatment

Pick up a brochure at your local Reece HVAC-R store. Reece has all the air-con gear to get you through summer.

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