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Don’t sweat it out

27 October 2015

Tips to get you HVAC ready for the heat.

The heat is arriving early this year, and air conditioning is quickly becoming a priority.  Before it’s time to ramp up the air con, here’s a few tips you can use to help protect yourself from rough-running units, energy bill shock – or worse, unexpected break-downs on the hottest days of the year.

1. Turn the power off

Be safe. Do all the work you can with the power to the unit turned off. 

2. Check outside

Prevent accidental damage by checking a few things outside: Are all the airways clear of debris, like leaves and sticks that might have collected over winter? Check the fans, condenser coils, ducts and inlets – just in case.

3. Clean the condenser coils

Dirty coils are less efficient. To clean, remove the grill on the unit and the panels on the condenser. Beware of pulling wires attached to the fan.

4. Check the coolant lines

The pipes that run from the unit inside to the condenser outside are usually insulated to prevent energy loss. If the insulation is frayed or missing, replace it.

5. Clean or replace the filters

Wash re-useable filters or replace disposable filters. This means clean air to breathe as well as a unit that runs efficiently so there’s less wear and tear on the fan motor. Filters will need to be cleaned or replaced during the summer months as well.

6. Check the ducts

If the unit isn’t cooling effectively, the ducts may be torn or worn. Check for holes or broken seams. Even a small repair can save dollars in energy costs and degrees in temperature.

7. Test the unit

Turn the thermostat off before you turn the power on to test the unit.

For any repairs or replacement, contact your local air conditioning installer.


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