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Actrol and Metalflex are now part of the Reece Group

24 September 2015

With Actrol and Metalflex now part of the Reece Group, you can easily purchase from both these companies using your Reece account. This gives you access to even more products at more locations Australia wide.

And that means a greater offering and smoother process for our customers. The businesses have now moved to a common IT system, which means customers now have access to a variety of new services and benefits across the group. If you’re not familiar with Actrol or Metalflex, here is a quick overview of what they offer.


Actrol has grown to become Australia’s leading wholesaler of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment with over 60 locations nationally. Real-world experience and deep product knowledge has seen the business forge a strong reputation in the market. Matching quality engineering advice with high stock levels means you always have access to expertise and the equipment you need. 


Both a wholesaler and manufacturer, Metalflex offers you a broad range of componentry, air conditioning brands and design services. Known for quality products and friendly service, Metalflex continues to build on its success via its national network of 19 branches.

More products. Greater convenience.

Customers can now enjoy a number of key benefits across the group including:

• Global Account | One account enabling you to trade across Reece, Actrol and Metalflex.

• Statements | Receive single consolidated statements for transactions across the entire Group.

• Network | Buy products at any of 550+ locations across the group nationwide.

• Product Range | Access to a much larger range of products from the Reece Group.

• My Account | Manage your statements, invoices, quotes and online orders for all of your group purchases.

To find out more visit www.actrol.com.au and www.metalflex.com.au

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