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World-first water technology at Sydney’s Central Park

24 September 2015

A groundbreaking partnership between the private sector and Sydney Water has resulted in a new development in the heart of Sydney, offering residents a world-first in recycled wastewater use.

Around one million litres of water will be saved every day at the Central Park development as a result of the world’s largest Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) recycled water facility being installed over four floors in a basement below a residential building.

The water recycling facility – of which all the water-related infrastructure is owned, operated and maintained by Central Park Water - collects and treats residents’ sewage, storm water and wastewater. It then distributes recycled water for uses such as flushing the toilet, cold water clothes washing and car washing, which make up 50% of traditional household use. As a result of the innovative equipment installed, residents of Central Park will not only save money, but use an estimated 50% less drinking water too.

The water is also used to irrigate Central Park’s 170 metre vertical garden - the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere – which has been installed to counteract the urban heat island effect and contribute to the overall sustainability of the community.

The recycled water centre uses MBR and Reverse Osmosis (RO) technologies, designed to simplify operational management and minimise maintenance. The technology can be controlled remotely, requires minimal space and does not create any smell or make any noise.

This latest innovation has deemed Central Park Australia’s greenest urban village, housing not just the water purification infrastructure, but also the plant to power it. This energy source will supply electricity, heating and cooling using transformers powered by natural gas.

According to NSW Minister for Primary Industries, Lands and Water, Niall Blair, “companies like Central Park Water are demonstrating what is possible and are changing the way existing utilities think about traditional water delivery strategies.”

As the world continues to search for more sustainable solutions to water and energy management, the technology and design used in Central Park is raising the bar for sustainable urban living in cities around the globe.

Source: www.metrowater.nsw.gov.au

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