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Conex Bänninger announces competition winners

22 April 2016

Conex Bänninger’s competition to celebrate its new website attracted a number of fantastic entries from customers across Australia keen to share their projects using the Conex system.

Conex Bänninger gave customers the chance to win a Conex compatible and approved Rothenberger Romax 3000 press tool each month from January to March by sharing photos and describing a project where they used the Conex system and why.

Three lucky winners were chosen including Brett from Queensland, John from Victoria and Anthony from New South Wales.

Brett won for his renovation project at Undara Lava Tubes in Far North Queensland. This involved fully refurbishing the ensuites in the on-site accommodation. Easy, you would think, but the rooms are 18 antique steam train carriages. Each carriage has been demounted and sits just a few hundred millimetres off the ground.

“This made soldering impossible as there was barely room to slide underneath. Due to its bush location, the ongoing drought and the timber carriages, the risk of fire was high,” said Brett.

“It was hot and dirty work but it was made so much easier by the Rothenberger B-Press system. Having heard about the machine through our branch manager at Reece, we bought it especially for the job, even then not realising how much of a difference it would make.”

“It cut days off the project and we were overwhelmed with its performance. It’s simple to use and not one fitting leaked in the 18 bathrooms. On a stinking hot job in outback Queensland, pulling 12 hour days, there wasn’t a lot to get excited about but my apprentice would high five me every time he crawled out from underneath the carriage after using the B-Press machine.”

“I’m a complete convert and have handed back my oxy/acetylene bottles and thrown away my oxy kit. Thanks to the Rothenberger tool we were commended by the client for the neatness and efficiency of our work at Undara and we have secured an ongoing contract for their annual refurbishments well into 2019.”

Well done Brett! Check out the next two issues of Outlet to hear about John and Anthony’s projects.

To check out Conex Bänninger’s website and view the product range go to www.conexbanninger.com.au

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