Cool homes are cool

28 April 2016

New research shows that despite our sun-loving reputation, a reliable cooling system is the most desirable feature for Australian homebuyers.

After another long, hot summer, Australians are looking to invest in homes equipped with air conditioning to keep their families cool, according to a survey conducted by Data harvested from homebuyers across Australia found that 65 per cent considered air-conditioning an essential feature in their home.

Although location is a key determiner of value, the survey offers insight into the particular features that Australians look for in a house. Among a range of popular items, 52 per cent of respondents still viewed a backyard as a must have, and 17 per cent couldn’t go without a dishwasher.

“An overwhelming majority of homebuyers have air-conditioning at the top of their wish list. The more demand there is for a particular feature, the more value it will add to a property,” says Bessie Hassan’s consumer advocate.

Other results from the survey showed buyers are prioritising function over flair, with a higher proportion favouring solar panels over swimming pools and old favourites like the built-in barbeque.

Ms Hassan says that what really counts is the Big Three: cooling, space and parking.

“A home needs to have air conditioning, a backyard and somewhere to park the cars to command big bucks these days,” she says.

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