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Electrofusion Training

29 August 2016

Reece offers two poly electrofusion courses. Poly Electrofusion is becoming increasingly popular. Companies are insisting on having accredited poly welders on their sites because some insurance companies do not cover electrofusion or butt-weld installations of polypipe if the installers do not have the required certificates.

Reece has teamed up with two nationally accredited training providers and can offer two Poly Welding training courses to plumbers and civil contractors:

• Electrofusion weld polyethylene pipes

• Butt weld and electrofusion weld polyethylene pipes

These courses are an easy way to get up to speed with Poly Welding and the successful use of poly E/F fittings on the job. And once you’re all trained up, Reece Civil has got you covered for all your Poly Electrofusion needs.

Reece’s dedicated fleet of crane trucks can deliver 12-metre lengths of pipe to site, along with any fittings, wipes, consumables, and even welding equipment.

The courses cover everything you need to know about practicing safe Poly Electrofusion, ranging from pipe preparation and alignment equipment right through to things like re-rounding clamps, environment protection enclosures, power supply and control units in accordance with ISO 12176-2.

Read more on the PIPA guidelines by visiting pipa.com.au/sites/default/files/document/attachment/2015-12-08-pop001.pdf

To enrol or find out more about the programs, including the special offer for Reece customers, visit reece.com.au/civil/electrofusion-training-hire

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