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Going green with Tesla: the new Merri Creek development

10 August 2016

Sustainability is here to stay, with numerous green energy housing developments popping up around Victoria.

Similar to Glenvill’s YarraBend property, Melbourne’s new Merri Creek green development will feature solar and Tesla Powerwalls as well a shared standard energy system.

In addition to solar and battery storage, the development’s 29 residences (including houses and apartments) will all be fitted with energy efficient lighting and appliances, passive cooling design, double glazed windows and tanks to harvest rainwater for flushing toilets and irrigation. There will also be plug-in chargers for electric cars.

Happily sited alongside Northcote’s Merri Creek the development has been dubbed “merri green” by project owner and local developer Codstream. Joining them on the project will be local PV installer and certified Tesla battery re-seller Bradford Solar, and energy management outfit Generation Shared 1p1v.

While not being completely off-the-grid, this Tesla microgrid will take energy independence to the next level. “You can see how the power companies are gouging at the moment, and they’re doing that because the system allows them to,” says Codstream founder, Raymond Collodetti.

“[This] gives people another [option] … It’s not off-grid, but through a network of batteries, it means we can get our energy dependency down.”

The development’s dwellings will be seven star energy rated and use energy management software to distribute fairly and manage the stored solar electricity, effectively making the body corporate the retailer and establishing its own power network.

“It’s the best of both worlds,” Collodetti says. “People can be environmentally responsible without compromising on their living standards – it’s a cost-saving to everybody across the grid.”

Though it may have cost close to half a million dollars in various features and networked batteries, the long term benefits make it both financially and environmentally worth while.

The project hopes to commence construction by the end of year, with completion set for early 2018.

Source:  http://onestepoffthegrid.com.au/from-tesla-town-to-tesla-microgrid-melbourne-housing-development-to-feature-shared-energy-system/



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