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In The Pipeline - Dura Multiplate

29 August 2016

In The Pipeline - Products for smarter plumbing. Plumbing is changing and there’s a lot more to it than pipes, trenches and taps. In The Pipeline keeps you up-to-date on a wide range of products.

Dura Multiplate

When it comes to installing pipework in new cabinetry like kitchen sinks and bathroom vanities, the new Dura Multiplate offers the fastest and cleanest solution possible. Unlike adhesive sheets that need to be manually cut, the Dura Multiplate comes with an inbuilt rubber diaphragm that stretches to suit both 40mm and 50mm pipe and sockets. This clever design will save you time on every install.

• Self-adhesive backing to save time and leave a clean finish

• Available in a round or a rectangular option, perfect for vanity installations

• Made from durable ABS plastic in a matte finish to seamlessly finish any job

• Quality Australian made

Drop into your local branch to try the Multiplate difference today.


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