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Friatec. The future of electrofusion is here.

21 January 2016

The world’s best electrofusion technology is now available through Reece.

A global market leader and pioneer of electrofusion since the 70’s, FRIATEC is the name behind many of the industry’s leading technologies. Friatec’s patented and world-renowned electrofusion range is the first choice on major commercial, civil, mining and irrigation projects globally. Intensively focused on quality, their innovative German made system improves speed of installation without compromising the longevity of the connection.

Exposed heating coil design.

Using a highly efficient, exposed heating coil design, FRIATEC’s electrofusion system provides ideal heat transfer from fitting to pipe, delivering a faster and more precise weld. The heating coils are embedded two-thirds of the way into the fitting, so they simply cannot be dislodged. What’s more, the unique design eliminates the risk of contamination through oxidization.

Longer coupler length.

To guarantee outstanding performance, FRIATEC’s couplings feature extra-long fusion zones to absorb energy while offering improved safety and stability. These zones are up to 2.7 times longer than the required standard. Longer coupler length translates to better pipe support and better alignment inside the fitting. This reduces bending stress and ensures no loss of melting pressure.

A fit for every purpose.

The Friatec system offers a full range of couplers from 20mm – 1200mm in diameter and each coupler is available in a choice of three different pressure ratings. Friatec also offers elbows in 11°, 30°, 45° and 90° as well as pressure tapping tees and saddles.

Smarter welding.

Lightweight and easy to transport, FRIATEC’s advanced FRIAMAT Electrofusion welder takes all the work out of creating the perfect weld. With the built in barcode reader, you simply scan the code on the fitting and the welder adjusts every variable to create the perfect weld – even automatically changing the welding time based on the ambient air temperature. Fan cooled for continuous operation, the welder runs off a 10amp plug, making it suitable for use with a standard power point or generator.

To find out more about the Friatec range, visit reece.com.au/friatec.

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