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Dialing down could save businesses millions

24 June 2016

Do you know what the perfect temperature for everyone in every season is? There isn’t one, according to Tony Crabb, head of research at Savills Australia.

The thermal comfort level of a human being depends on whether they’re male or female, what age they are, whether they’re tall, short, fat or skinny.

So, why are a majority of buildings around the world fixed at a set temperature of 22 degrees? It turns out, that’s the thermal comfort level of a 44-year-old man and was decided by the Americans in the 1950s.

“The built environment is heated and cooled to a fixed 22 degrees regardless of the temperature outside,” Mr Crabb explains, during his recent TEDx presentation, Life Out Of Balance.

Not only is the set-and-forget temperate of 22 degrees in most office buildings, cinemas and shopping centres uncomfortable for many of us, it’s costing the economy billions of dollars and pumping hundreds of thousands of tonnes of wasted carbon into the atmosphere.

“By shifting to a “19 to 25 world” – no higher than 19 degrees in winter, and no lower than 25 degrees in summer – Australian businesses could save $100 million and 300,000 tonnes of carbon every year,” says Mr Crabb.

Now it’s getting colder, think twice about what you set the temperature to and employees, along with the planet, will be much happier!

Source: news.com.au/finance/money/costs/setting-air-conditioning-to-19-degrees-in-winter-25-in-summer-could-save-billions-savills/news-story/4f485a2a3915927b56bf173263279575

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