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World Water Congress and Exhibition 2016

30 November 2016

Collaboration, planning and hard action are what’s needed to create a water-wise world, according to Ger Bergkamp, Executive Director of The International Water Association.

Bergkamp was among the 5,000 plus members of the International Water Association who gathered in Brisbane in October for the World Water Congress and Exhibition, where ideas were shared and global water issues discussed.

“This was the right time to advocate for policies, launch tools and spread the awareness needed to move towards a water-wise world,” said Bergkamp. “The 2016 World Water Congress and Exhibition 2016 set into motion distinct calls-to-action that will accelerate progress.”

Outcomes from the World Water Congress and Exhibition included:

Drought Action

The exhibition launched the world’s first action-oriented agenda dedicated to water scarcity and drought. This initiative aims to increase international cooperation and partnerships as well as create new ways to align new public policies and business objectives.

Sustainable Development

The Manual on the Human Rights to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation for Practitioners shows service providers and regulators how to meet the drinking water, sanitation and wastewater management targets in the Sustainable Development Goals.

International Statistics for Water Services

Household consumption of water around the world varies from 28 to 631 litres per day. For the first time, an interactive statistics portal allows users to graphically compare individual cities’ differences within water abstraction, consumption, tariff structure and regulation of water services.

Principles for Water-Wise Cities

The International Water Association developed 17 new principles to aid city leaders to create water wise cities. The principles outline the requirements for access to safe water and sanitation for all residents as well as strategies towards building flood and drought resilient cities and the integration of water into city planning to create increased liveability and sense of place. 

Global Water Theories

The specialist group of experts shared three global water theories: DNA technologies will revolutionise water and wastewater systems, resources must be recovered and transformed into commodities, and water needs to be treated as a whole or we will compromise both our drinking water and sanitation.


Source: iwa-network.org/press/7-outcomes-from-the-world-water-congress-and-exhibition-2016-in-brisbane/

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