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The Crack -Toronto’s new poo-themed dessert café

20 October 2016

Few things shock us these days, but a new café concept in Canada is really putting the old adage of ‘you are what you eat’ to the test.

The first poo-themed dessert café has opened in Toronto this year and is causing quite the stir among locals. “I’m trying to make poop cute,” explained owner Lien Nguyen.

Inspired after a trip to Taiwan to see her mother and a visit to Modern Toilet, a similar poo themed restaurant which has been open since 2004, Nguyen was struck by the unique concept.

“It’s funny to put food and poop together. It’s a great comparison…As soon as I finished school, I said ‘I’m going to bring the restaurant to Toronto’.”

Opening in Toronto’s Koreatown, Nguyen’s café will feature an all-brown menu with stool-shaped treats such as traditional Thai, Japanese and Korean desserts (e.g. Patbingsoo - red beans with ice) and of course, chocolate ice cream.

While enjoying their faux-faeces fro-yo, diners will sit on fake toilets and have their meals served out of lavatory and urinal shaped dishes. Canadians will even have the opportunity to vote on meal names before the menu is finalised, adding the cherry on top of this sundae of conceptual toilet humour.

The idea seems to have proved a popular one with similar-themed restaurants already open in Russia, South Korea, the Philippines, China, Japan and Indonesia.


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