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A park designed to flood

30 April 2017

Over in Dallas, Texas, an alternative type of parkland is in the works, welcoming those extra rainy days.

You heard right; it’s a park that loves a deluge, specifically designed to flood. Running through the centre of the city, the Trinity River is a large structural divide, prone to flooding. There’s been a long-term community demand for a permanent solution.

This project will utilise current space surrounding the river and turn it into a 10,000-acre nature district – designed to accommodate flooding within the area. When flooding occurs, the overflow will create a marsh-like waterscape. Mike Rawlings, elected major in 2011, has worked on the new phase of the project with bcWORKSHOP.

Brent Brown, director of bcWORKSHOP, acknowledges the odd nature of the local project.

“When we said we had to build a park that would flood, at first people thought we were crazy,” Brown said. However, after the reveal, it made sense to the public.

Portions of the land will remain on a higher plain and include sports fields, new greenery and walking paths. This nifty design has essentially created a whole new look and functionality to the City of Dallas.

It was in October last year the city received a $50 million donation from Annette Simmons, widow of billionaire Harold Simmons. With this donation, 285 acres of the of land surrounding the Trinity River will turn into a fully accessible public space, beginning development in 2019 and taking the name Simmons Park.

Simmons Park will be a new portion of the Trinity River Project, which began in the early 2000’s.


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