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Conor McGregor's unique way of remembering his plumbing roots

25 August 2017

It’s safe to say that Conor McGregor is the biggest deal in UFC fighting right now. The two-division champion is taking on not only the biggest fight of his career, but of the decade. This Sunday McGregor attempts 12 rounds in the boxing ring against the undefeated Floyd “Money” Mayweather, not to mention the estimated $100m pay out he can look forward to. 

McGregor wasn’t always the king of combat sports, instead coming from humble roots in working-class suburbs of Dublin, Ireland. Before becoming the biggest name in UFC with a ridiculous car collection (check out his Instagram @thenotoriousmma), a career in fighting was frowned upon in his blue-collar neighbourhood and instead worked as a plumbing apprentice. McGregor worked 12-hour days before hitting the gym to train as a fighter until quitting to pursue his dream, McGregor described:

“I did a year in that and it just wasn’t for me, you know. It’s either all or nothing in this game. If you’re not training twice a day if you’re not dedicated you’re not going anywhere,” McGregor said. 

“I felt I had enough talent, enough dedication and enough love for the sport that it was time to pack up my job and chase my dream.”

And that’s exactly what he did. At the disapproval of his parents, McGregor quit his plumbing career to train full time, telling his family at the age of 25 “you’ll be sorry when I’m a millionaire”. Little did he know that he would go on to becoming the first MMA fighter to make Forbe’s list of top 100 highest-paid athletes.

Before taking off to Las Vegas to dominate the UFC world, McGregor was presented a unique piece to remind him of his humble plumbing roots by craftsman Trevor Sweeny, a project taking half a year to complete. Behold a chess set complete with stools and overhead light crafted with plumber’s materials and signed off with McGregor’s logo.


 conor mcgreggor

'When you look at that board,' Sweeney said of the piece, 'it represents your journey from an apprentice plumber to a king.'

conor mcgreggor two

Tune in this Sunday 27th Aug to watch the biggest fight of the decade go down. In the meantime, pop into your local Reece Plumbing store and pick up some supplies to create your own plumbing chess board (some Conex Banninger >B<Press fittings would work very nicely!).





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