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Reece Grant - Transforming the future with clean water

1 February 2017

After great success in 2016, Reece is proud to be supporting water sanitation projects in underprivileged communities once again in 2017 as part of the second annual Reece Grant. From an outstanding selection of applications, four grants were awarded, dedicated to improving quality of life through clean water.

Plumbers have a skill set that can significantly impact the health and future of communities in need. It’s wonderful to see so many passionate Australians put their hand up to support these important projects - Adam Watson, Plumbing Business Development Manager at Reece. 

Reece Grant recipients

Ian and Lauren Stevens - “We use local masons and local knowledge and one person from each family helps with the building process. That participation is key.”

Father-daughter duo, Ian and Lauren Stevens have been awarded the Reece Grant to support their project in Cambodia. The funds will back their own NGO, Community Generation, and will support two local primary schools in critical need of attention. The project commences in February at the Teinen Sango Capacha Primary School, followed closely by the Ang Daun Teap Primary School.

An important aspect of the project by Community Generation is providing the communities with the tools and means to independently manage these projects on an ongoing basis.

The advanced sanitation and hygiene system installed by the team will contribute to an elevated health status, increased school attendance rates and will give over 900 students access to safe and clean water and latrines.

Outlet Feb 201725


Additional Reece Grant recipients

Richard Harvie - “It is often said that in Africa ‘water is life’.”

Father of four boys, Richard Harvie, will be heading to Zimbabwe in early 2017. Richard joins charity partner, Hopes and Dreams, to develop and implement a self-sustainable clean water supply to approximately 7,000 community members in rural Zimbabwe.

After supporting these projects remotely for a number of years, this will be the first time Richard has travelled to the village, and will assist in the installation and help to train village members to operate the facilities.

Outlet Feb 201726


Andrew Whalan - “The project will make a lot of difference to general health in the school and wider community.”

The Kathmandu valley in Nepal suffered major damage from the earthquake in 2015. Additional recipient, Andrew Whalan, will work alongside charity group Healthabitat to aid local primary school, Thangpal Dhap, by installing a new toilet block, hand washing facilities, a septic tank and an effluent trench. The program will help to reduce disease and dangerous infections caused by dirty water.

With these new systems in place, children will enjoy the benefits of better long-term health and increased school attendance, giving them a brighter future.

Outlet Feb 201727


Jack Timmins - “Adequate access to clean drinking water is integral to the health and wellbeing of any community.”

Father to three girls, Jack Timmins, has provided project management and technical assistance to global non-profit organisation LearnToLive for over four years. The Reece Grant will be used to implement a functional rainwater catchment system in the coastal slum community of Likupang-Ambong in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Though thousands of gallons of rain fall in Indonesia each year, more than 40 million people in the country lack access to clean water. This project will help the community to harness this natural bounty for their everyday use, and eliminate their need to drink from polluted waterways ridden with disease.

Outlet Feb 201728

Stay tuned for updates on the four projects in the upcoming issues of Outlet. The recipients are getting ready for their trips and are looking forward to their journeys. Pop back to www.reece.com.au/grant in a few weeks for updates. 


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