paris tackles the wee streets big

Paris tackles the wee streets

17 March 2017

Paris has just introduced an innovative solution to pee-smelling city streets, the ‘Uritrottoir’, created by industrial design studio Faltazi to help combat nocturnal urinators who leave behind that not-so-pleasant smell.

Designed in two parts, the urinal trough and compost box work to grow flowers while you pee. At the very top of the urinal trough are beautiful flowers, while the bottom section is filled with hay.

The science behind this odd, yet intriguing invention, is founded in the way nitrogen (from urine) reacts with carbon from straw. In this reaction a rich fertiliser is produced and subsequently sprouts a wondrous flowery result.

Lauren Lebot, designer of the Uritrottoir, was inspired during a visit to architecture school Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT). During this visit, the science behind the hay and urine reaction was discovered, along with an initial model sold to events such as music festivals.

After two years of production, the master solution was achieved, with the composting boxes now ready for purchase.

Unfortunately, the only two Uritrottoir’s currently in action are based in Paris, owned by railway station Paris-Gare de Lyon.

With no solid plans for roll-out in any further locations, we’ll just have to settle on basking at the photos and science behind such a clever creation.

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